The Lye Saga
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Story eight

Lye's gone, but she's got someone to leave her legacy...

It had been almost a year since Lye flew off in her new Saiyan form. The dbz world was peaceful. Goku was back for the next Boudekai. Pan was born, Gohan was married to Videl. Bra was REALLY alive. Mr. Buu was hanging out with Mr. Satan, Krillin had a daughter named Marron, and everything was good, no one even remembered Lye.

The whole gang (except those participating) were seated in special box seats, watching the Boudkai. It was Goku's turn, Chi Chi watched in amazement as this little boy fought Goku, their strength was almost equal. Next thing she knew, the boy had hopped on Goku's back, he came to say goodbye, and he flew off.

"Oh Fuck!" Chi Chi shouted, "Goku, you're not leaving me again!!! Get back here!!!" But of course Goku didn't hear her.

Chi Chi stomped out of the room, everyone just laughed to themselves. "Good ol' Goku" they thought. He was always like that. The Boudkai continued, and everyone went home. Poor Chi Chi was all alone that night, Goten went to stay with Trunks, and of course Gohan had his own home with his own wife and child.

Chi chi sat in the grass under a tree, and looked up at the now star filled sky...and cursed Goku's name. She started wishing that he had never been in her life. He always left her. She sighed, and lowered her head, as a single tear slid off her cheek.

"Excuse me..." a soft voice said from in front of her. Chi Chi jumped three feet in the air. She looked around. A young girl of twelve or thirteen stood there in front of her. She had short greeny yellow hair, pointy ears, silver eyes, and....a tail?
"Who are you?" Chi Chi snapped, "what do you want?"
"Are you Chi Chi?"
"Yes, who's asking?" Chi Chi asked rudely.
"My name is Halamoii Naquette, I am the daughter of the woman you called Lye."
Chi Chi gaped remembering how she had once killed Lye, wondering if her daughter was out seeking revenge. She stood up and got into fighting position.
Halamoii laughed, "Im not here to fight you" she said, "I have been instructed by my mother to deliver you a message. But I must meet with all the people she met while she was on earth."
Chi Chi nodded, she had nothing better to do that night, so she called a few people, then flew to capsule corp with the young girl.

Bulma greeted them. She led them to a large room, everyone was there, Vegeta, Bra, Trunks, Goten, Gohan, Videl, Pan, Piccolo, Krillin, #18, and Marron. No one looked happy, and half of them looked confused. Halamoii stood up.

"My name is Halamoii Naquette, I am the daughter of the woman you met a few earth years ago. She sent me with this message for you."

The girl removed a golden ringlet that was around her head, and placed it on the ground. Instantly a holographic image of Lye popped up. A few of the people scowled, and a few just looked, wondering who this person was.

"Hello" The image said, "this message is for you, since you are the closest things to friends I have ever had, in all my years of existence. When I became a saiyan, I flew off, caused a bit of trouble, nothing major, but nothing gave me a thrill anymore. Then I remembered why I had made the wish, to die. But I wanted to leave something for people to remember me by. So I decided to have a child. I went to the far off planet of Gashka and married a man named Cornelius Naquette. He was also a demon. He felt the same way as me, he wanted to die, but also to leave his mark on the universe. So we had the treasure you see before you," all eyes turned to Halamoii, she waved shyly, and blushed. Lye continued "My Halamoii understood how me and her father had to leave her, but she was still so young, so I sent her here, to be in your care, until the day comes, when Halamoii with join me and Cornelius in another dimension. She is one half demon, one half saiyan, so she is mortal. But please let her live a long life, and make sure it is happy. I am sorry for all the grief I have ever caused you. I know that it was a lot. Please take care of my baby." Then the image disappeared.

There was silence in the room, as a now crying Halamoii picked up the ringlet, and placed it back on her head. Bulma put her hand around the girl. She tried to comfort her, but it was to no prevail, she took Halamoii to another room, and then returned.

"So who's gonna take her?" Bulma asked, everyone looked around.
"First I have a question.." Gohan started, "if Lye left only a year ago, then why is the girl, so old?"
"Foolish boy, "Vegeta mumbled, "the planet Gashka is a dozen times smaller than ours, it spins a dozen times faster , and there fore, a year here, is twelve there, including the time it took her to travel here in a spacecraft, I'd say she's about fourteen years old."
Everyone nodded, the room was silent once more.

"I'll take her," ChiChi finally spoke. Everyone looked at her in awe, "I mean..." she tried to explain, "Goku just left me....again, and Gohan's off on his own, Goten can definitely take care of himself, and she needs someone to take care of her..."

"Yeah but will she want you to be her mom? I mean you such a bitch." Vegeta put in.
Everyone laughed, but Chi Chi scowled.

"Goten, you have a new sister," was all she said , and she stomped out of the room.

And so Lye is finally dead, but that doesn't mean she is completely gone, a part of her will live on, as Halamoii Naquette. And who's to say Halamoii won't have bigger and better adventures than those of Lye the demon, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.